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Get Ready For the New School Year!

Summer is quickly coming to an end,

Contact our office for an official school supply list .  

See you in September!

2016 Summer Reading Campaign!

Ready, Set , Read!!
Monday, May 23, 2016 to Friday, September 2, 2016

Since it can be a challenge to motivate kids to read during the summer months, we would like to help by inviting you to team up with myON for our 2016 Summer Reading Campaign! Together we can keep kids engaged to maintain their academic edge and avoid the summer slide.

This year, our Summer Reading Campaign runs from May 23 to September 2, with exciting prizes for the top readers in each category: PreK-Grade 5 (Elementary) and Grades 6 and up (Middle School/High School).

DIY Facts #1

 Penny Marshall, better known as Laverne DeFazio from the hit comedy show, Laverne and Shirley was raised right here in the Bronx and lived on the Grand Concourse.

The Ryer Avenue Elementary School

August Challenge

Alex, Joanne, Molly, and Terrence each bought one treat and one toy for their birds. Each person purchased a different treat and toy.

Alex bought the most expensive toy and the least expensive treat.
Terrence spent 40 cents more than Alex on a bird treat.
Molly spent less on a toy than Terrence did, but more than Joanne.
Joanne's treat cost 20 cents more than Molly's treat.

Which items did each person buy, and what is the total amount each spent?

email: with your answer